JOHNNY SINS MUNNA BHAIYA | Hot Shot | Sex Scenes 18+πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ #shorts || Hot scene of Heroine II Full HD

JOHNNY SINS MUNNA BHAIYA | Hot Shot | Sex Scenes 18+πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

About This Movie:- Long-time lovers Mohini and Harsha get married and Mohini and Harsha decide to move from the suburbs and settle into a plush apartment in the heart of the city. Having left the spirit of Captain Raju in the suburbs and armed with a talisman around her neck, Mohini starts feeling safe in the new setup. Harsha and Mohini look forward to the long-pending consummation of their marriage. They start living in the new flat, much to the annoyance of their neighbor, who constantly doubts anyone who enters their house and gets into a verbal brawl as well.

Harsha, with his team, works in a lab & provides support to paranormal experiments done by a doctor, which shows how the spirit leaves the body and where does it go. Sanjana, a partner of Harsha, operates the Paranormal activity detector in his lab. Back home, Captain Raju starts finding a way to rape Mohini. He first tries to enter home during the night and tries to undress Mohini but fails as soon as the spirit sees the chain in her neck. He then tries several times, especially when Mohini is bathing or dressing up for a party when she is in a position to remove the chain unknowingly, but in vain. After few unsuccessful attempts, the spirit plays a trick with the washing machine and water tap and makes Mohini call a plumber. Unexpectedly the chain around her neck detaches and she is in a search of the pin to attach it. But unfortunately, the chain falls behind the closet. Seeing this as a chance, the spirit of Captain Raju enters the plumber’s body and starts haunting Mohini. Somehow she manages to get the chain and saves herself. At that moment Harsha with his friend come home. Mohini describes everything to Harsha and his friend. Harsha’s friend calls in Sanjana to bring the detector. When Sanjana starts searching for Captain Raju’s spirit with her detector she finds nothing. Harsha then persuades Mohini to take off her chain as he thinks this chain might be the reason why the spirit isn’t showing up. Sanjana resumes her search in the upper house where she is locked in a room and gets brutally raped and killed by Captain Raju. The spirit then enters the body of Harsha and tries to rape Mohini, but the plan fails as Harsha’s friend suddenly grabs him and Mohini gets hold of the chain. The rest of the story ends with how Mohini saves Harsha, who is tied up by his friend, and herself from the spirit that is haunting her. The spirit somehow enters Harsha’s friend’s body and tries to molest Mohini. Harsha is back in his senses but is tied and unable to move. The neighbor gets alerted by the screams of Mohini and comes to save her and Harsha. On entering he finds that Harsha’s friend is trying to rape Mohini on the dining table, and tries to stop him. Harsha quickly lowers the AI ceiling fan via his smartphone and the body of the spirit (Harsha’s friend’s body) gets injured and Mohini runs towards Harsha. The injured body of the spirit still tries to come near Mohini but is stopped by her neighbor until the clock turns 12’o clock, of Maha Shivratri, and the spirit is set free eternally. Mohini and Harsha manage to save themselves.


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Aathma ka ghar 2 II Hot scene of Heroine II Full HD

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