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#Shweta is trending on twitter – know full story, listen to the full call and all hilarious memes.

However while Shweta thought she was just sharing it one of her friend named Radhika over a phone call, she was in facts sharing it with 111 other users on a zoom call on which Shweta was presented earlier. Shweta thought she had turned off her mic, but she instead turned off her speaker.

While many of Shweta’s classmates tried to help her and asked her to turn the mic off, but as her speakers were off she couldn’t hear it and ended up spilling the private secrets of her guy friend to the whole world now.

What’s the secrets and story that Shweta told?

 As per the viral clip, Shweta has a guy friend who shared the secrets of her relationship with his sex addicted girlfriend and they had sex on every meeting. Listen to the full story of Shweta below: