‘Twilight’ Sex Scenes Ranked, From Hot Vampire Lovin’ to Awkward Ocean Makeouts

Attention, millennials, this is not a drill: The entire #TwilightSaga is now streaming on #Netflix. I repeat, the entire Twilight Saga is now streaming on Netflix.

This is extremely important #news, if only because it serves as proof that we all did not merely hallucinate those five movies starring Robert Pattinson as a sparkly, sexy, one-hundred-year-old #vampire and #KristenStewart as the 17-year-old human girl he falls in love with. While the first movie, #CatherineHardwicke’s #Twilight, is the most iconic, it’s Breaking Dawn Part 1 and #BreakingDawnPart2 that finally get to the moment fans had all been waiting for: That hot, hot vampire sex.