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Watch Bhojpuri beauty Amrapali Dubey and superstar Nirahua play Tik Tok Wali Holi – Holi Kab Manaibu song.

amrapali dubey and nirahua in tik tok wali holi song red saree
Amrapali Dubey making Tik Tok Video when Nirahua wants to play holi | photo : youtube

Bhojpuri films and songs have always been celebrating Holi and this year again, Bhojpuri’s superstar Nirahua and beautiful actress Amrapali Dubey brings you another holi song. Titled Holi Kab Manaibu, the song has lyrics that connects with the youth of today’s generation, who are addicted to social media.

The song features Nirahua asking Amrapali when would they play Holi, if she keeps herself busy with making videos on Tik Tok. Amrapali and Nirahua’s chemistry has always been loved and they again doesn’t disappoint their fans.

Composed by Rajnish Mishra, the song is sung by Nirahua and Amrapali as well, while Pyare Lal Yadav has penned these funny relatable lyrics.